We Design & Build Embedded Systems.

We only use hardware on the embedded roadmaps, which ensures the identical hardware is available for a minimum of 5 years. If you operate or supply a large amount of systems, managing the complexity of using constantly changing retail hardware is time consuming and expensive. So being able to buy systems for 5 years which are identical down to individual components and firmware, this significantly simplifies the life-cycle management of your systems and ensures failures and risks are kept to a minimum.

We take these considerations and your business seriously, as such we design, build, secure and maintain Embedded Operating Systems for both Standard and Bespoke embedded computer systems using Windows Embedded Standard 7  and above to ensure the best possible security and stability.

We specialize in Windows Embedded Operating Systems to ensure maximum compatibility and ease of integration with existing customer applications, networks and real time solutions.

We have extensive experience and a proven track record for delivering secure embedded systems in a variety of different markets ensuring global compliance.

We can provide an end-to-end service including hardware

XP Systems and the risks.

Many embedded systems through lack of knowledge and experience are run on Windows XP Professional, not only is this product End of Life and no longer supported by Microsoft, using it in this way breaches the Microsoft license agreement.

Many ATM machines are still based on Windows XP which poses many security threats for these devices, although mitigated by the fact these ATMs “should” be on a secure network but are still at risk from security threats.

These devices and many more should have been built on Windows XP Embedded if security it taken seriously which is on extended support not End of Life until  January 2019 and security fixes will be supplied to this date.

Now is the time to move your custom embedded devices to a new more secure operating system.